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Help send openly gay speed skater Blake Skjellerup to Sochi Olympics!

Despite Russia’s new anti-gay laws, the calls to move the Winter Olympics from Sochi have fallen on deaf ears. The IOC has said waving of rainbow flags — or any pro-LGBT commentary — by Olympians could violate its rules. Seemingly every avenue to make a statement of LGBT-rights support at the Olympic Games is being cut off.

But there’s one message they cannot stop: Openly gay speed skater Blake Skjellerup!

The LGBT community and its allies have an opportunity to support this openly gay athlete and send him to the Olympic Games as our out, proud representative! That’s why the You Can Play project, Outsports, GLAAD, the StandUp Foundation, Out magazine & The Advocate, and many members of the LGBT sports movement and the larger community are getting behind this fundraising campaign to send Blake all of the resources he needs in the next few months to once again qualify for the Winter Olympics and to perform at his highest level in Sochi!

Blake needs our help. Despite some misconceptions, Olympic speed skaters aren’t flush with funds. He lives with family and commutes an hour each way on a train every day to his training center to save money. 

To qualify for the Olympics and compete at his highest level, he needs resources he doesn’t have access to at this time. And we — the LGBT community and our allies — can give them to him and make him the inspiration of the worldwide LGBT community at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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